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If you missed it (or didn’t read our previous blog), starting in 2022, estheticians will be permitted to perform lash lifting, lash tinting, and brow laminating. That’s amazing.

The addition of brow lamination, lash lift, and lash tinting services is one way that California spas and salons can expand their offers and add-on services as a result of this regulatory modification. Whatever state you’re in, if you’re eager to offer these popular services on your menu next year, here’s all you need to know to get started with lash and brow services and position yourself for success.

What are the permitted services for lashes and eyebrows?

Lash & Brow Tinting

  • How it works: To temporarily tint and darken the hair, tinting is a semi-permanent dye procedure that can be applied to the brows and/or lashes. To improve results, it can also be used with brow shaping, laminating, or lash raising.


  • Why you’ll love it: Tinting services can be completed quickly and easily as a stand-alone service or as an inexpensive add-on to cosmetic regimens. The natural definition that tinting adds and the way it keeps them looking fresh-faced for weeks at a time will be loved by clients.


  • The following items are required: a variety of cream hair dyes in various shades, saline solution for cleaning, liquid oxidant developer, protection papers, a color chart, a tint palette, a color tint remover, a skin protection cream and eye mask, tinting application brushes, and small dishes for dye.

Lash Lifting & Curling 

How it works: Treatments for raising and curling lashes operate with the natural lash and are sometimes referred to as “lash perming.” The lash hairs can be given a simple semi-permanent curl to make them appear longer, voluminous, and defined.

Reasons to love it For clients with naturally long lashes or anyone wishing to achieve long, gorgeous lashes without mascara, lash lifting is a terrific alternative to lash extensions that takes less time and costs less. Your clientele will be hooked by the results, which last for six to eight weeks.

Curl and lift glue, different-sized eyelash curl rollers and lift pads, saline solution for cleaning, eyelash curl and lift application sticks, soft cosmetic brushes and application micro plates, and neutralizer and perm solution are everything you’ll need.


Brow Lamination 

What it is: Similar to lash perming procedures, brow lamination fluffs, defines, or manipulates brow hairs into a groomed look while also holding them in place.

Why you’ll love it: Brow lamination results are transient but long-lasting, making them popular with low-maintenance clients. Additionally, they create a sleek, businesslike, and more modern appearance that your current brow regulars will adore.

You’ll need application micro dishes, eye protection pads, neutralizer solution, soft cosmetic brushes, and lash and brow perm solution. RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit, a CSS Pro Favorite


how to add brow & lash services to your menu?

  1. Not enough can be said about this! It’s imperative to get certified and trained before including any new services on your therapy menu. Before implementing a new protocol and introducing it to your clients, you should make sure you are comfortable with it and have plenty of practice.
  2. Start promoting your new services to your clientele once you’re close to finishing your training and obtaining all the necessary equipment. You could, for instance, include before-and-after photos to pique their interest or add an update in your upcoming monthly newsletter outlining all the fantastic advantages. Potential customers may also pay close attention to and take notice of live demos on social media.
  3. Treatments for the brows and lashes frequently sell themselves because they deliver rapid enjoyment and results. However, it never hurts to provide a small reward just in case. Package deals and a free upgrade combined with other services are two examples of smart selling tactics. As a way of saying thanks to your customer for trying something new, you could also provide a rebooking discount at checkout.
  4. for assisting you in learning all the details of the newest lash and brow services, such as brow lamination, lash lifting, and brow and lash tinting.


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