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10 Essential Items For The Beginner Esthetician

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here, welcome. If you’re not, welcome back. I will be going over the 10 essential items I think every new beginner esthetician should have in their facial room. Let’s get into it. I’m going to make this short and sweet. I will say that I have linked all of the items I’m about to mention down below, so you can always check them out and see if they’re conducive to what you’re trying to do in your facial room, but they are there just in case you want to take a peek at the prices and the reviews. So the first item I have on the list is

My vinyl gloves are a little bit more durable, and I do have vinyl gloves as a backup, so my vinyl gloves are my backup in case I forget that I’m running low on my nitro gloves. But nitro gloves feel like they work a little bit better. They’re made from a synthetic polymer that provides softness, sensitivity, feels, and flexibility. The nitrile material reacts to your body temperature and conforms to the shape of your hand, making them exceptionally snug.

So what I said stands with reason because they do feel snug, I feel like it works best with extractions because you can really get underneath the extraction and gently glide it out of the pore, so that’s why it’s a favorite of mine. With the vinyl glove, I feel like it’s better for waxing.

If anything, because you don’t need too much, I’m going to stick beside it. I’m going to stick with the nitro gloves for waxing too. This is just my backup in case I run out of my nitro’s. You can never be too prepared, but you can always be paranoid. So the next item on the list is the towel warmer.

Towel warmer

Towel warmer The only caution that you need to take with that is that since it’s portable, it’s easier to spill, so just to prevent any burns, anything, just make sure you fill it to where it needs to be filled and do not go past that, because I’ve had a moment where I’ve spilled the water and it’s hot and I burned me, and that’s never a good feeling. Then comes the extraction toolkit.


Extraction toolkit.

In the extraction tool kit, I think for or at least for myself, I found one specific extraction tool that is my best friend during facials. That’s the extraction tool I use to get most of the extractions I’m going for, but they do come in different sizes with different heads. For example, I know that lash text likes to use this one. But I feel like with blackheads they just pick them right out. This one is more so for ingrown hairs. If you’re waxier, it works well. This is my favorite ingrown hair extractor. It comes with a double edge, so you’ve got to just be careful with that because you don’t want to accidentally poke yourself during extractions. Next up is Cotton Rounds.


 Cotton Rounds

 The number of cotton rounds I have in this room is excessive. Is it necessary? Probably not, but I know myself and I know that I use cotton rounds as water during a facial. I’m constantly toning, I’m cleansing, I’m applying. It’s always being used. It’s being used in one way or another. So I make sure I have at least a pack of cotton rounds. I have one for the side of waxing and one for facials I like to keep them separate because I’m neurotic like that, but as long as you have at least three on hand, I think you’ll be fine.


High-frequency machine

The two machines I have on the list are the two machines I started with, which are the high-frequency machine and the microdermabrasion machine. The high-frequency machine oxygenated the skin for me after a facial, so I consider that an essential tool because it helps with blemishes, it helps with excessive oil production, it helps with circulation, so I think it is a staple piece in the facial room to have, but with that comes gauze. Now, gauze isn’t a necessity for high frequency, I just see a difference in results, so I always paired up with the gauze.


microdermabrasion machine

A microdermabrasion machine is a multifunctional machine even though it says microdermabrasion, which it does supply. It comes with a vacuum feature and a mist feature disclaimer. I didn’t use the mist feature too often starting because the mist was misting like that was a good strong miss and I felt like for me it was a little bit too much, so I don’t use that too often. It is good. It felt good. It was just too much like I couldn’t control how wet it made the face, so again I used my cotton round, so I’ll miss the cotton round and then use that, but it does come with the mist feature. It comes with the vacuum feature which you can use for extractions and or lymphatic drainage, starting It was a good machine for me to have because I didn’t have any specifications when I first began, so it was more kind of like a basic service that anybody could get and it helped me build my clientele, so that was a good introductory machine.



The steamer for me was good, but I did notice it did take the steamer a little bit longer for it to boil the water, so just be mindful that you might have to start it before your client gets there for it to start steaming at the time you’re ready for it to start steaming, but like 10 minutes, nothing too crazy.

The bed

I did add this to the list because the bed is essential, but the bed topper and the bed cover are not starting. I did just provide it on the link just in case you wanted it or wanted to see it. The bed topper is a temper-pedic topper, I’m pretty sure, so it just adds a little more cushion to the bed. The bed, itself, is a tattoo bed, so it is pretty sturdy and sturdy. It’s lasted me three moves, but this bed is sturdy and holds a good amount of weight. I would get the bed topper if you can’t afford it. I would get it because I did make that investment. I think maybe a year after I got the bed itself, I wanted to add a little bit more comfort and I noticed how firm the bed was, so I do recommend it.



Decontamination against HIV/HPV blood fluids. If there are 160 towelettes in here, she’s still doing her thing. She’s still pretty full of cabbie wipes.

That’s it for the 10 essential items I think every beginner esthetician should have. Feel free to leave a comment if you have time to like and subscribe. I would  love that.


then I’ll just catch you in the next post. Thank you for reading. See you soon.

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